Clock is ticking down for the Georgia Chain Gang

March 19, 2010

The clock is ticking down. We are now just three months away from the start of the Race Across AMerica on June 12th! 
The weather in Georgia, while still unusually cold and wet, has improved some, allowing us to get out more on the weekends. We are riding at least twice, sometimes three times each weekend. Many of you have joined us on these rides. We appreciate your encouragement and help. It is always fun to share. If you haven’t ridden with us yet, come on out!
With the addition of Dave Laws, we now have a crew of 10, but are still actively searching for a massage therapist to join.

Warren Bruno – chief
Jane Eastham – co-chief
Tammy Addison
Mark Engemann (and alternate rider)
Caroline von Fluegge
David Gluck
Dave Laws
Dave Payne
David Rossetti
Marshall Siler
Welcome Dave! We couldn’t do this without our crew.
In addition to training and logistics planning, everyone has been working on putting together our Silent Auction Benefit on March 23rd. We’ve collected a great number of items, from a Lance Armstrong autographed bike to vacation home weekends, restaurant gift cards, sports memorabilia and plenty more, for the Auction. Plan to attend, whether you bid or not, as it’s at the best new bar/restaurant in town – Ormsbys. Details are below.
March is the time of year for the first organized century rides and we’ll be riding in at least two of them:
Saturday, March 20th: Tour de Pike, Concord GA
Saturday, Marth 27th: Wheels of Fire, Hamilton GA
We’ve reached the $20,000 mark in our fundraising, $5,000 ahead of where we were last year at this time. We plan for that to accelerate further as we move closer to June. We also have several generous in-kind donors and sponsors covering items like the RV, hotel rooms in San Diego and buddy passes for our flights. We can’t wait to line up our wheels at the start line on June 12th!

Dave, Frank, Jerome and Tony