The Race starts on Saturday – 5:00pm EDT!

Atlanta GA

After a year of planning, training and fundraising we are now only a few days away from the start. Vehicles, supplies and people are starting to make their way to San Diego. The RV, loaded with equipment, supplies and 8 bikes, and driven by Dave Rossetti and his road trip buddies, should arrive shortly. Jerome and Tony are already in Oceanside, building out the Follow Van. Rumor is that they are also getting reacquainted with the Haunted Head drinking establishment in town. 

One of the fun things we do in preparation is to walk the race route mile-by-mile in the course book and using our mapping software. A major change in the route this year means we will not go through New Mexico at all. We will be traversing the Rockies entirely in Utah and Colorado. There is a lot of high altitude riding and mountain climbing in this section. We ascend through 4 passes above 9000′ and cross the Continental Divide at Wolf Creek Pass at 10,857 ft.

In spite of the excitement as we approach race day, the team is also sad to report that one of our crew chiefs will not be joining us during the race. Crew Chief Warren Bruno has been the driving force behind our team this year, taking the lead in organizing us and in our fundraising. He hosted our very successful silent auction at his new restaurant, Ormsbys. We all looked forward to leadership during the race, but for the past 2 weeks Warren has been in the hospital fighting a serious infection. His ongoing battle with Lymphoma, and the treatment that goes with it, has weakened his immune system. He just got out of the hospital and is now back at home resting, but isn’t strong enough right now to join us on the race. While he will not be joining us on road he will be cheering us on from Atlanta every mile of the way.

Warren is one of the reasons we are doing this and we are are more dedicated than ever to our cause.

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who have so generously supported this endeavor with your encouragement, labor, in-kind donations and money. Many of you have ridden with us on weekends as we trained. None of this would be possible without your support. Your donations do make a difference and will increase the odds of survival for all cancer patients. This is the last update from Atlanta. The next time you hear from us we will all be in California. Once the race starts we will try to send a newsletter update out daily. Riders and crew will also be making updates to the GCG Facebook page, to our individual pages, and of course Twittering away.

One Response to The Race starts on Saturday – 5:00pm EDT!

  1. Lisa D. Kelley says:

    Go Baby Go, Raise lot’s of money for our cause. I’m so sorry to hear about your college, I hope he get’s better soon. I to have been touched by this horriable deaise, I lost my huband 7 years ago to Lymphoima. Be carful,and SAFE. My thoughts will be with you.

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