Day 3- The Rockies – Done

Tuesday 5:00 pm – the plains of Eastern Colorado

The Rockies are beautiful but we are glad to say good-bye to all that climbing. We crossed 3 major passes in the last 24 hours – two of them in the middle of the night with temps in the 30’s. The climbs were tough enough, the descents left us all numb and shivering. This part of race seems to be harder than last year – race organizers must’ve gone out of their way to pick the hardest route through southern Colorado. Still, we saw some spectacular scenery at unusual times and places that we will all remember for a long time.

Our crew is doing a fantastic job. They are in constant motion doing the endless chores necessary to house and feed a continuously moving caravan of three vehicles which are always in different place, except for rendezvous of just a few minutes every 6 hours. AND these rendezvous points are all determined on the fly based on the riders progress. We are making extensive use of the skills of an and ex-Marine, cycling coach and retired elite rider, Delta pilot and many others. Most importantly we are relying on the resourcefulness and good humor of these folks to get us safely and swiftly to the finish line. This is not only a team of 4 it is a team of 14. And that includes our beloved Warren, crew chief back in Atlanta, who is following our every move on the web and with regular phone calls.

We are 1230 miles through the race with the plains of Kansas ahead. Jerome and Tony should make it about halfway through Kansas during Tuesday night, and Dave and Frank should finish the other half Wed.

Many thanks to all of you who are emailing encouragement and posting comments to our individual and team Facebook pages. You have been very generous with your donations, bringing us close to $100,000 at this point!

One Response to Day 3- The Rockies – Done

  1. Lisa D. Kelley says:

    You are got to make your goal and finish the race stong. SWEET !!!!! Keep on keep’n on. We are behind you all the way. Go Baby Go!!!!

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