Day 4 – Still in Kansas

Wednesday 5:00 pm – Yates Center KS

When Dave and Frank handed the baton to Jerome and Tony about 50 miles from Fort Scott on the Missouri border the team had been pedaling through Kansas for 28 hours. The winds blew from the south or head on the entire distance, so we never got the benefit of a any tail wind. On top of that we hit our first rain, lightening and even hale. Some of the solo riders dropped out of the race during this stretch – when they passed through a couple of days before us the weather was even worse. In one town the streets were flooded and riders saw fish, turtles and frogs swimming by their wheels.

Near Wichita KS 2 local TV stations were set up alongside the route and filmed Dave as he raced by. After asking the crew to continually take his photo along the route this just confirmed his reputation as a media star. Some o the crew have take to calling him “Hamento”.

We learned later that the reason the TV crews were on on the route there was because a rider from the Spanish team, COANFI Desafio ASPANOA, had been hit by a car there and seriously injured. We are still rrying to get word on his condition.

Jerome and Tony will be slogging through the Ozarks throughout the night on Wednesday. We should cross over both the Missouri and Mississippi rivers sometime on Thursday. Forecast is for continued scattered thunderstorms along the route.

One Response to Day 4 – Still in Kansas

  1. Lisa D. Kelley says:

    You are ALL MY HERO’S !!!!!!!!! Be careful comen thru my state of Missouri. Enjoy the georgus senery ride’n though the Ozark’s, it”s beautiful contry down there. Wish I could cheer you all on in person, but I’llbe there with you in sprit. Go Chain Gang Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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