A note from Equipe Schwarz

Atlanta, GA

We got to know Charlie, crew chief for the Equipe Schwarz team from Germany, before the race, as we stayed at the same motel in Oceanside. We chased them all through the race, but they beat us by a few hours. This is the kind of friendly rivalry the race fosters and that adds to unique and memorable nature of the whole adventure. Charlie, we wish you well and hope to ride with you again!

“dear all, racers, crew, daves and not daves,
gratulations to your raam result and to the amount of money you collected!
we where waiting for you with ice-cold beer right behind the finish-line, but unfortunatelly my crew was pretty thirsty and we decidet that it would be a shame let the beer warm up.
i`m sorry we don`t meet you wether downtown annapolis nor on the official party, i hope you all are doing all well and you allready stopped crying about the lost battle against our team.
you had the better rider, better bikes and the better crew and the most attractive  crew-captain on raam 2010, for a better performance she just needs a tactical genious by her side. that`s me.
if you are thinking about raam 2011, give me a call, i`m sure travelling with the chaingang is fun.
all the best for you all.
crew captain equipe schwarz”
June 23rd

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