Honored Hero

The Georgia Chain Gang is proud to ride for our Honored Hero, Warren Bruno. Warren was a member of our crew in 2009. In 2010 Warren was crew chief, but could not go on the road with us, and so commanded our race remotely, keeping in constant contact with the team throughout the race. On Wednesday, May 16th of 2012, he valiantly lost his fight with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. His perseverence and courage inspired us all.  We dedicate our RAAM journey to him.
Please take a moment to watch a story that appeared on 11Alive News (Atlanta’s NBC affiliate station) that includes members of our team and it is our heartfelt dedication to our friend. Click here to view story. 

We want to know, who are YOUR Heroes? We’d like to honor each and every one of them during our ride by dedicating a mile along the route to them.  With over 3,000 miles to cover, we’d appreciate the inspiration that comes through thinking of all those who have endured an even greater physical and emotional challenge.

2 Responses to Honored Hero

  1. Jill Powers says:

    Have a great ridie, stay strong & healthy!! From one lucky TNT Honored Hero to all the others out there – you guys make a big difference in our lives!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Lisa Kelley says:

    Fight the good fight Warren! You can beat this thing!

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